Earlobe Repair

At Dahiya Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ravi Dahiya recognizes that what once seemed like a sophisticated fashion statement — wearing extremely heavy earrings or ear gauging — can quickly turn into an aesthetic concern, as the earlobes start to suffer from these types of trends. Thankfully, board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Dahiya offers cosmetic earlobe repair surgery to improve the look of elongated earring holes or torn earlobes.


Anyone who can remember the 1980s probably remembers the heavy metal earrings that were popular back then. And if you can remember that trend, perhaps you participated in it and are now suffering the consequences of wearing exceptionally heavy jewelry on your ears: an elongated earring hole or a split earlobe. A more current trend called “gauging” involves gradually stretching out an earring hole so that it can accommodate a wide, thick, circular earring. In some cases, the earring hole will shrink back to its original size, but in other cases the stretched-out hole remains wide.
In addition, injuries can occur and take a toll on the earlobes. For instance, someone might accidentally yank on a dangling earring, pulling it downward, thereby tearing the earlobe.

In these instances, earlobe repair surgery may be needed to restore the earlobe to its original shape and size. With earlobe repair surgery, Dr. Dahiya can fix a partially torn earlobe, an elongated earring hole or a completely torn earlobe.