From United States to Canada: Bellafill Crossing the Border Long-term dermal fillers on the rise

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Dr. Dahiya has been honored, as Bellafill has selected him to be an international trainer for physicians worldwide. He recently returned from a trip to Canada, Vancouver — where he taught several doctors his techniques.

Only a few physicians have the qualifications and expertise to be invited as Physician Trainer for Bellafill. Dr. Dahiya has been among the leading international injectors of Bellafill in the United States and Canada. Dr. Dahiya provides one-on-one Bellafill injection education to physicians who wish to provide Bellafill for their patients.

Besides teaching in a traveling role, Doctors come to our office to learn how to perform Bellafill injections from all over the country. In this role, Dr. Dahiya trains physician and mid-level injectors at the Rockville office on the proper use of all fillers including Bellafill. This includes the proper use of micro-cannulas and the best placement of Bellafill to help to avoid complications and improve results. The Canadian doctors were thrilled to learn Dr. Dahiya’s methods to best help their patients.

Besides being an international Bellafill Expert Trainer, Dr. Dahiya has also been awarded the Bella Diamond award from Suneva as being in the top 1% of Bellafill injectors in the country.

As a specialist of the face, Dr. Dahiya also emphasizes a minimally invasive and preventive approach to facial and skin care that helps to maintain healthy, youthful features and overall health. Dr. Dahiya is committed to ethical, caring, and honest treatment of his patients and works very hard to earn and maintain their trust. Although patient care is his primary focus, Dr. Dahiya’s academic, research, and teaching abilities have been recognized throughout his career with numerous awards as well as several scholarly publications. His love of teaching is evident as he educates his patients regarding their individual health care concerns and questions.


Is Bellafill Truly Superior to Temporary Fillers?

Question: I’m tired of getting repeat filler injections every 6 to 12 months, with the costly upkeep. How does Bellafill compare to temporary fillers?

Answer: Bellafill is a gold standard filler when it comes to facial volumization. Below are key differences between Bellafill and the temporary fillers of Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, Volume, Sculptra and Radiesse.

Bellafill: Lasts at least 5 years and typically maintains most of its volume for the entire 5 years without repeat maintenance treatments.
Temporary Fillers: Lasts 4 to 24 months, depending on the filler. However, in order to get a 2 year result from, for instance, a 2 year temporary filler, you still need maintainable injections every 6 -12 months.

Bellafill: Restores volume by stimulating your body’s own collagen. Temporary Fillers: Filling is from the volume of the actual substance that is injected

Bellafill: Often gets better with time. Temporary fillers: Diminishes over time.

Bellafill: Costs more per syringe but overall cost is less, in the long run, due to minimal maintenance. Temporary fillers: Costs less per syringe but much higher overall cost, in the long run, due to frequent maintenance injections.

Bellafill: Gives more natural volumization results due to its collagen stimulation properties, the most abundant substance in our skin. Temporary fillers: More prone to less natural volumization.

Bellafill: A very versatile filler used in many different areas: cheeks, smile lines, mouth corners, temples, lower lid hollows and forehead. Temporary fillers: Use is restricted to certain facial areas only.

Bellafill: Requires much higher injector skill from a surgeon specializing in the face, with an in-depth understanding of the intricate facial anatomy and aesthetic proportion. Temporary fillers: Requires a lower skill level and injection errors can more readily be justified by telling the patient that filler will go away soon.

Bellafill has significant benefits compared to temporary fillers. Which filler to choose is a personal choice.


Bellafill, 90 Minutes: The 5-Year Filler.

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