Does Permanent Botox Exist?

While Botox is temporary, there is a surgical treatment that can give you the same results. Botox works by keeping certain muscles in a relaxed state, preventing them from contracting. The contraction, or pulling together of certain muscles in the face causes wrinkles. If you start Botox before the lines get too deep, you can avoid developing permanent wrinkles altogether. But as wonderful Botox is, some people don’t like that you must keep repeating the process every 3-6 months. For those patients, we often will perform a surgical brow lift. If done correctly, a brow lift does not result in a “surprised look” as many people fear. An ideal brow lift creates a very gentle upward lift of the sides of the brow which looks natural, youthful and feminine. Moreover, many people get a brow lift not so much to raise their brows but rather because with a brow lift, Dr. Dahiya can sculpt the underlying muscles in a way that eliminates the need for Botox in the forehead. If you want to get rid of forehead wrinkles or the “elevens” between the eyebrows and don’t want to keep up with Botox, a surgical brow lift is the solution!