Can anything be done for dry winter skin?

Keeping our skin moisturized in the winter is especially tough as we live in heated environments in which the humidity of the air is extremely low. So do any moisturizers really work? The answer lies in understanding the difference between ointments, creams, and lotions.

Ointments are oil/petroleum based and have by far the most moisturizing power but they obviously can feel very greasy.

Lotions on the other hand our water based so they only moisturize for a brief period and creams are somewhere in between the two. So the secret to success is to use an ointment or cream at bedtime. This allows your skin to have the benefits of the moisturizing effects overnight and you can then wash it off in the morning to avoid spending the day feeling or looking greasy.

During the day simply use a lotion. In addition, keep a humidifier on your bedroom overnight. This combination of sleeping in better air and the benefits of an ointment will allow you to pamper your skin all night as you sleep!